Issuing, Acquiring & White-Label Banking Services
FTM offers managed technology services that add value to merchants, financial entities and business units. All of the challenges
associated with developing, owning, operating, maintaining and upgrading your fintech portfolio will be handled by FTM as your extended team.

As your business partner, we offer quality paymenet system services, be it in-house or cloud-based to ensure smooth and secure business operations.

Issuing Services

We will support your needs in terms of debit and credit card issuance strategy and execution in physical shops, internet, POS, ATMs, etc. regardless of the organization type and size.

Acquiring Services

Our outsourced solution for acquiring services enables acquirers to enjoy one integrated system for operations and management of software and fleet of devices deployed in different channels.

Sms Sending and Receiving Platform

FTM has a registered SMS/e-mail sending and receiving platform, which serves as a real-time communication between financial institutions and sutomers.

The communication is certified by a third-party, which can serve as an oficial proof of message exchange\ between banks, financial institution and customers.

Service applications +
  • Provide statement on financial asset value
  • Send notices of overdue credit card, mortgage & loan payments
  • Contracting credit card applications
  • Contracting VISA credit cards
  • Send credit card PIN and secure key
  • Confirm credit card activation
  • Loan agreements
  • Alert deadlines to refinance loans
  • To confirm on line payment transfers
  • Notify debt collection to franchised offices.
  • Claim balances and /or notify contractual conditions
  • Notify overdrafts
  • Send notifications in compliance with the Data Protection Act
  • Receipt of the acceptance of contractual terms

Card Management

FTM Card Management is a highly scalable card issuance & acquiring service, suitable for financial entities with medium- to low-volume payment systems activity:

  • • Issuing: Card issuance and administration
  • • Acquiring: Operation processing and payment to merchants

We can also extend our card management service to other managed and outsourced activities related to card-centric processes:

  • • Card Issuance
  • • Payment transaction intervention
  • • Transaction information access for queries and assistance

ATM Fleet Management

From purchasing the equipment to deployment, keeping the ATMs complaint (ADA, EMV, PCI) cash replenishment (optional), and everything in between, FTM will handle it all! We offer a full suite of managed services to reduce hassle and improve ATM uptime.

POS/mPOS Device Network Management

FTM provides deployment, management, maintenance, and upgrade of POS/mPOS terminals to ensure that the business is well-promoted and well-used in the market. We can also acquire merchants on your behalf at an optional rate.